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Terminal  Ghost Trappers #4        

J.L. Bryan 

Publication date: May 4th 2015

Source: Digital Version given by author for honest review.

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Ellie Jordan and her apprentice Stacey investigate a house in an elaborate planned community that was only half-built before it went bankrupt, leaving an instant ghost town with only a few residents. The entity haunting this house is a banshee that feeds on sadness and misery.

Unfortunately for Ellie, this is no simple haunting, but just one symptom of the cursed land on which the suburban community was built. The old railroad line running through the nearby woods might just be a conduit for lost souls, including dark spirits with ill intentions toward the living. Ellie soon finds herself facing one of the most complex and difficult hauntings she’s seen in her career.

                    My Thoughts                   

Haunted trains... Yes Please!

These books get easier and and more fun to read as the series progresses. Terminal is book 4 in the Ellie Jordan Ghost Trapper Series and as usual J.L. Bryan offers up an excitingly haunted read with a whole new twist. Ellie's gang is now growing in numbers to include Mike the handsome fire fighter. While he isn't technically employed he just finds him self handy, and wanting to help out Ellie and Stacey and Jacob on their newest adventure... I mean how can you turn down a haunted train !

 Ellie and Stacey find a Banshee living in the basement of their news clients house, but thats only the beginning.  I loved solving the case with Ellie and the little pieces of history that these stories give me, I find it so intriguing and fun. From train history to hobo signs, this story definitely had my attention. I don't want to risk ruining anything but I must say one of my favorite things is how differently she saw the train and all of its passengers after she helped them find some peace. Very reminiscent of a show I loved so much, Ghost Whisperer. Can't wait to read what happens next to Ellie and the gang, especially now with upcoming changes with Calvin and the agency. Reel me in, I am hooked! Can't wait to get my hands on House of Whispers ( book 5 in the Ellie Jordan Ghost Trapper series ) coming out October 2nd !

Plot : Amazing, fresh, new and unexpected ! 

Characters: Better and better, the more you learn about the crew, the better they are together. Loved the addition of Michael, hope he sticks around. 

Cover: Best one yet !

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Rating: 5

                    Author Bio                    

J.L. Bryan studied English literature at the University of Georgia and at Oxford, with a focus on the English Renaissance and the Romantic period. He also studied screenwriting at UCLA. He enjoys remixing elements of paranormal, supernatural, fantasy, horror and science fiction into new kinds of stories.
He is the author of The Paranormals series (starting with Jenny Pox), The Songs of Magic series, Nomad, and other books. He lives in Atlanta with his wife Christina, his son John, and some dogs and cats.

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