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Top Ten books to get in the Halloween spirit !

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                             Top Ten Books to get in the Halloween spirit          

#1 Inferno Park        

 - J.L. Bryan

Just Finished Inferno Park, and believe me this is a great read for Halloween! What used to be a fun themed park was swallowed whole by a sink hole that took the park down one devastating day. Now the park lays abandoned .. or does it. The souls of those that died that day are still trapped, and and even darker being lingers in the park wanting more innocent souls.   Review for Inferno Park coming soon! 

#2 Pride and Prejudice and Zombies

 - Jane Austen & Seth Grahame-Smith

I Have Pride Prejudice and Zombies on audio book in my car,  I turn it on when I have a long trip ahead of me. Although I would like to say that I am "well read" in the classics, I can't. Nothing better than picturing these dressed up and any people occasionally bust out a sword and take down some walkers ! 

#3 Pet Sematary

 - Stephen King

You can't have a halloween list with out having Stephen King on it. I read this book back in high school. Its a definite classic!  

#4 The Graveyard Book

 - Neil Gainman

 The Graveyard Book reminds me almost of a Jungle Book retelling, but instead of the child getting raised in the jungle by wild animals, this child gets raised in the Cemetery by ghost! 

#5 TEN

 - Gretchen McNeil

I actually haven't read this YET, but its been on my bookshelf for quite some time. I think it will be great to read before halloween. about a group of friends who go party on this lone island, and one by one they go missing or die..

reminds me of " Ten Little Indians " and "Then There Was One". Also if you are a fan of this type of story and you have Netflix you MUST check out Harpers Island. Same concept, soo good!

Check out Harpers Island on Netflix HERE 

#6 Nocturnes 

- John Connolly

A collection of short stories by one of my favorite authors John Connolly. My favorite short story in this book is called The New Daughter. I found out years later by stumbling onto this movie, but that short story was made into a movie ( same title ) with Kevin Costner in it. Anyways, this book is filled with amazing short scary reads ! 

#7 Coraline

- Neil Gainman

 A great scary read about a little girl who finds a secret door in her house to another place, a similar place but different. There is another father and another mother that love her and care for her so much more, everything seems better but after a while she realizes that she might not be able to leave. That they want to keep her there forever!  Also available as a movie ! 

#8 Ellie Jordan, Ghost Trapper

- J.L. Bryan

I am currently reading Ellie Jordan Ghost Trapper, so good! Talk about a scary read! Ellie is hired on to take care of a ghost problem that one family is having. She is used to dealing with a lot of haunted house issues but this ghost is different. A murderer who committed Suicide and wants the owners of the house to leave. I am only about 20% through but I love it! 

#9 The Unseen

- J.L. Bryan

What a great read. Needless to say from looking at my list I am a big J.L. Bryan fan! The first chapter of this book is sooooo intense. After reading The Unseen, I will never play with an Ouija board ever again!  Check out my review for The Unseen here ! 

#10 The Book of Lost Things

- John Connolly 

And saving the best for last, my all time favorite book, The Book of Lost Things ! This book isn't scary, but I think it would make for a great Halloween read due to all the fairy tale related characters. The Book of lost things is about a boy who finds a way to a whole new magical world. In his quest to find his way to the king who can send him home, he encounters creatures and people straight out of Grimm fairy tales.  One of the few books I can read over and over and over again!

Check out my review for The Book of Lost Things 

And Check my major fangirl moment when John Connolly sent me some mail! 

Happy (early) Halloween from Inkk to you. 
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  1. OOOh nice! LOVED Ten and read Book of Lost Things years ago but recall enjoying it! Great picks!

    Here's my Tuesday Post

    Have a GREAT day!

    Old Follower :)

  2. Oooh, Pet Sematary! By far one of the creepiest books ever. I even got scared by the less than stellar screen adaptation.

    ~ Cate is Reading Good Books.

  3. Coraline is a favorite of mine. Definitely spooky! Great list. My TTT