Friday, May 23, 2014

Inspired Friday: Banana Pops

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Banana Pops 

Yay the weekend is here! Happy Friday ! 

so .... I hope that its warming up for you guys, it sure is warming up here in Tennessee. Im not sure if you guys have eaten the banana pops that they sell in the ice-cream section of the grocery store, but they are SOOOO GOOD!  Banana pops are so delicious and a healthy alternative to regular ice cream pops. 

So while you can by something like this at the store, I also think its super easy to make these at home as well, thanks to Pinterest!  What do you guys think? Even if bananas aren't your thing you can change up the fruit ! 



  1. I have never eaten them, but I was aware of their existence and I always wanted to try some! I should really try to make those...Pinterest is pure magic, isn't it? ;)
    Thanks for sharing, Katie and hope you have a lovely, warming weekend! :)

    1. pinterest is magic indeed! i wish i had some supplies right now , i would totally make them ! - katie