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The Sowing by K.Makansi 

The Seeds Trilogy #1

Publication date: August 19th 2013 

Genres: Dystopia, YA

Source: ARC given by author for honest review.

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Remy Alexander was born into the elite meritocracy of the Okarian Sector. From an early age, she and her friends were programmed for intellectual and physical superiority through specialized dietary regimes administered by the Okarian Agricultural Consortium. But when her older sister Tai was murdered in a brutal classroom massacre, her parents began to suspect foul play. They fled the Sector, taking their surviving daughter underground to join the nascent Resistance movement. But now, three years later, Remy’s former schoolgirl crush, Valerian OrleĆ”n, is put in charge of hunting and destroying the Resistance. As Remy and her friends race to unravel the mystery behind her sister’s murder, Vale is haunted by the memory of his friendship with Remy and is determined to find out why she disappeared. As the Resistance begins to fight back against the Sector, and Vale and Remy search for the answers to their own questions, the two are set on a collision course that could bring everyone together—or tear everything apart.

                    My Thoughts                   

In a world where food is grown and engineered for us, can you really trust what you eat ?  The Sowing is A great read for fans of Dystopian YA and Sci-fi.  

First off I was so interested to find that The Sowing is actually written by a Mother / Daughters team, how cool is that ?!?!! I loved the idea of The Sowing and how the plot really speaks to possibilities that may not be too far in our own futures. I love it when authors are able to make their novel Dystopian and Futuristic, but yet maybe not that far fetched of a possible reality, and K. Makansi did just that with The Sowing.

Vale is the Chancellors son, and he is in charge of hunting down and tracking the resistance. The resistance is made up of those that fled the sector,  who choose to live in the wild outer areas. Among the Resistance is Remy, Vale's former school crush. If he finds her , he may not be ready to find out why she left all those years ago, Vale might not be ready to confront the truth, and more importantly what he needs to do with that knowledge  once he has it.

The Sowing definitely had me on my toes for the most part, however, I did find that there were some pacing issues. There were times that I literally could not put the book down, and also a few times that I felt it was dragging. I usually don't enjoy multiple POV's but I didn't seem to mind it for this novel. I think it really helped showcase that both Remy and Vale thought that what they were doing was right, and I feel that it really helped to show how each of them changed throughout the story. I also will say that I DO have a bachelors in Biology , but even then, the science was over my head at times. I understand the reason to explain the science, but too much of it could have lead to some slower parts. Overall I thought it was a GREAT READ, and I am very interested to see where The Seeds Trilogy goes from here!

Plot : Great Plot, some pacing issues but I liked the idea of the Sector altering the food to alter its people. I love the idea of outsiders and the resistance. Reminds me ALOT of the Uglies, which I LOVE . 

Characters: I really like Vale, and most of the other characters where wonderful and so diverse, but I feel like I really didn't connect with Remy. 

Cover: nice simple and bold, I am a fan! 

You might like: The Uglies Series. So if you haven't read the Uglies series it's similar in that they alter you to make you conform. If you loved the Sowing then Uglies is a must read. In the Uglies when you turn 16 you under go a makeover procedure to make you a "Pretty".. however they mess with your head when they are making you pretty, ( very stepford wives ) and you become a dulled down pretty member of society. Those that don't want any part of that run away and live in the wilds.. very similar to the sowing. I felt that the Sowing speaks to the issues going on today in food alterations such as GMO's while the Uglies deals with the issues in society where beauty is everything. Both books are amazing stories which MUST be read! 

Rating: 3.5  but for whole number ratings I'll round it up to a 4

                    Author Bio                    

K. Makansi is the pen name for the writing triumvirate consisting of Amira, Elena, and Kristina Makansi. Two sisters and their mother, the three women developed a passionate interest in science fiction as a way to write about issues of food sovereignty and food justice. Elena is pursuing a degree in environmental studies at Oberlin College in Ohio, and will graduate in May of 2014. Amira was a history student at the University of Chicago whose day job working in the cellar of a winery (and constantly being splattered with wine) keeps her busy when she’s not writing. And Kristy owns and operates Blank Slate Press, an independent publishing company based out of St. Louis, and is a partner at Treehouse Publishing Group, a company providing editorial and design services to aspiring authors. When not writing or reading, the three can be found having animated discussions around the dinner table, sharing a good bottle of wine, or taking long walks in the park eagerly plotting out their next book.

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  1. The Uglies series is one of my favorites so I like this comparison! :) I'm glad you liked it it sounds right up my alley! I'll likely feel the same about the science - my worst subject at school haha - but it's good to know it advance. Great review! :)

    1. YES YES YES. The Uglies is definitely top five on my favorite series list! Its been a while since I read it , but reading the Sowing really felt reminiscent of it. I love Dystopian novels like these with a deeper message. Woot Woot ! ~ Katie

  2. I loved the Uglies series and that book actually looks enthralling. I'm hoping for no love triangle.

    I nominated you guys for the Blog Liebster Award

    1. hummm love triangle.. good question.. i think it has a small bit of one smilier to that one in The Uglies. David & Zane...