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REIVEW: Ignite Me by Tahereh Mafi


Ignite Me by Tahereh Mafi 

Shatter Me #3

Published Feb. 4.  2014 - Harper Collins 

416 Pages 

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Juliette now knows she may be the only one who can stop the Reestablishment. But to take them down, she'll need the help of the one person she never thought she could trust: Warner. And as they work together, Juliette will discover that everything she thought she knew - about Warner, her abilities, and even Adam - was wrong.

                    My Thoughts                   

I couldn't put it down... no really!!! Ignite Me was this MOST ADDICTING read I have read all year!

Want to know what I did today? Well, thats easy, I read ALLLL DAY with only small breaks allotted for eating and other necessities.  Ignite Me was an addictive and quick read, and a great conclusion to the Shatter Me series. This series has my vote hands down for best series of the year! 

I have so much to say about this book it's hard to get everything out at once without giving too much away. 

I liked how Ignite Me ended, it left me wanting so much more but in a good way. Do I think that Mafi could write another book for the Shatter Me series, OF COURSE, ( I would read it in a heart beat ) but leaving the series on such a high note with so much hope for the characters I feel is sometimes better than ending the series, and feeling like the author just ran out of ideas or things to happen. 

Kenji & Juliette B.F.F.
Usually I don't like it when characters banter back and forth to one another, I tend to want my characters to get down to business and make things happen, but I LOVED how close friends Kenji and Juliette became. The ultimate best friends. Heck, they even talked about her boy drama with Adam and Warner together, thats friendship. The way they joked around and picked on each other was just so real to me, I loved how Kenji really has developed into such a great character. Kenji really is the moral compass of this group and holds the group together. 

Boy Drama and Female Independence : 
So yes, my outcome was as expected or hoped. I originally was team Adam, however Mafi worked her voodoo magic on me in Unravel me and I slowly crawled over to team Warner. My team Warner feelings were completely verified in Ignite Me, Warner became the man I hoped he would be. We learn so much more about his past, and what we ( Juliette ) perceived to be true during her captivity was very different from what really happened.  

What I liked about this whole boy drama issue was that Juliette didn't go straight from Adam to Warner. True, she was very attracted to Warner but she originally was interested in being his friend. I liked how she really set out to be strong as an individual first, and I do believe she would have been happy being with no one. Juliette didn't want to be with someone by default, because Warner was the only one that could really touch her. She wanted to have a choice. So, I liked that she didn't pick Warner until she really did have that ability to chose anyone. It wasn't until she knew that she didn't HAVE TO be with Warner that it became evident to her that she WANTED to be with him. 

Juliette once talked about how Adam fell in love with a meek and sensitive little girl, a girl who NEEDED rescuing, a girl who didn't even want to live anymore. However, that is not the person she has become, especially after being shot by Anderson! She wants to live and thrive and fight ... and she just wasn't that same meek and helpless little girl anymore! Hence, I feel she really has evolved from the type of girl Adam wanted, to the type of girl Warner is attracted to. The qualities Warner sees now in Juliette are so different from the ones Adam saw.

The War
oh yeah.. there was a war, right almost forgot. No, but seriously I liked how our old Omega Point crew ( or what was left of it ) joined forces with Warner to achieve a goal. TAKE DOWN ANDERSON! While I don't think that Juliette's plan was super inventive, I do love a good uprising. I liked how we rallied the troops and involved all of Sector 45, soldiers and citizens, in the plan. 

Plot : awesome-sauce COULD NOT PUT THE BOOK DOWN! 

Characters: Loved seeing Juliette really change from a meek and scared girl to the strong willed woman she has become.. Warner and Kenji really matured as well and I loved the other Omega Point survivors and how they developed through out the novel. Poor Adam, yes, it was hard to see him go through these emotions and deal with the issues presented to him, but I get it, a break up is messy for everyone. Adam really wears his emotions on his sleeve. 

Cover: so dang amazing, just like the others! 

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Rating: 5 Stars !  

This is an A+ series, I highly recommend it if you have not gotten into them already! Check out my other Shattering Reviews ( <-- Like what i did there ) your welcome ;)

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  1. Nice review, Katie! ;-) I read Shatter Me two years ago and really liked it, but the second book wasn't out yet so I guess I forgot I wanted to read the rest of it. Your review made me excited to read/re-read the books. Thanks, Katie! =)

  2. yes Hazel Lee, you should so check out book two Unravel me!! what an amazing series this was , i hope you get back into it! - Katie