Friday, February 28, 2014

Inspired Friday : DIY Signs with Pallet Wood

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DIY Signs with Pallet Wood

Happy Friday my Ladies! 

 Where I work there are so many awesome pallets that are left by the dumpster, so I am always looking for good Pallet board projects. 

The one I am most proud of that I have actually done in the past was my PALLET GARDEN !

anyways, here is something great to do with pallets on the inside of the house.. not to mention I love this quote 

"The greatest thing you'll ever learn, is just to love, and be love in return" 

I know the quote from the Movie Moulin Rouge, song by David Bowie. 

Have any of you all done any projects with pallet boards? Can't wait to see what inspires you this weekend !
Happy Weekend !


  1. I went back to look at your pallet garden and I love it! It looks great! This one is great too. Pallet art is so simple and affordable yet so beautiful to look at. Thanks for sharing! =)

    1. agreed! and i can't wait to make another pallet garden when it gets warmer i enjoyed it sooo much! - Katie

  2. I remember your pallet garden, it was so pretty!! I also like a lot the idea you shared and, since I haven't done any projects with pallet boards, this may be the perfect way to start!
    Have a lovely weekend, Katie :)

    1. i agree silvia , this is a simple way to "dip your toes " into the pallet art world lol! I'm seriously running of wall space though! - Katie

  3. Just a note to say that I added GuitarLone's url to the linky. He's my husband and he's doing weekly guitar challenges for himself. He's decided that he'd post them up on Fridays, so I thought it might be appropriate for Inspired Fridays as well and convinced him to add his link here. I hope that's okay. =)

    1. very cool hazel! i will check it out for sure! music is very inspiring - Katie