Friday, March 1, 2013

Inspired Fridays : Katniss Braid

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How To : Katniss Braid

Im sure Hunger Games / Katniss did not invent the side french braid, but you have to admit she sure did make it popular! I love a good side French braid! I am also a huge fan of all hair tutorials on Pinerest and YouTube.  Im also a fan of the Fishtale or Fishbone.. what ever its called! 
<--------- Check out this Tutorial on Pinterest 

So the first two pictures are of are my attempt at doing a Katniss side French Braid. Please note that I am wearing a District 1 Panem T-Shirt and the Third is the Fish tale Braid! Both are pretty easy!

                                What Inspires you This Weekend ?


  1. Is it weird that I can really only french braid my own hair good? lol I used to practice on dolls as a kid and do okay but when I would try on friends, couldn't do it. Those are pretty though. This is why I should have a daughter. I miss braids. :)

  2. Braiding is my thing now! I wouldn't get give up until I got it. Now I love it =)
    I still remember our Hunger Games Adventure that, till this day I CANNOT figure out why we didn't take pictures. ;)

    1. i don't know.. but the picture of me on here is from the day we went to the movies to see it! i spent over an hour trying to get it just right.. but im the same now . ive become a pro!

  3. Replies
    1. THanks Christine! takes some work , i used to only be able to do it to other people. not myself. - Katie

  4. Aw, I love this! The picture where you are wearing a blue t-shirt (the one at the bottom) is my favorite! I've always sucked at braiding my hair even though I've followed both picture and video tutorials :D
    Clever feature!