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Top Ten Favorite (best friend) Characters in YA

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        Top Ten Best Friends / Sidekicks in YA        

We know this week is our "10 top favorite characters in our chosen genre".  But we thought we'd continue the Valentine's spirit and show a little love for the best friends / sidekicks in our favorite books.

# 1 Rue           

Hunger Games / Suzanne Collins

Katie: When it's a competition to the death, Rue is still willing to make friends with Katniss and take down the Careers group. A best friend till the end! (Salutes with three fingers to district 11)

# 2 Tara

Southern Vampire Mysteries / Charlaine Harris 

Krisha: You know these better as the books that inspired the show Trueblood.  Now I know that book Tara is a very, very different girl than tv Tara. Regardless, Tara is a cool girl that kept the story line going when needed.  At what girl doesn't need a BFF to keep her in line?  Sookie is a lucky girl to have a friend to put up with all her paranormal bullcrap.

# 3 Iko

Cinder / Marissa Meyer 

Katie: World's best Sidekick... and as sad as it sounds... yes, Iko is also Cinder's best friend and the one being she can depend on! Hopefully Cinder can build Iko back up, and I can read about him more in Scarlet. 

# the Cat 

Coraline / Neil Gaiman

Krisha: This sarcastic cat was such an essential character to the book.  Dare I say that he was about the only "friend" that Coraline had?  He certainly helped her escape from Other Mother.  I think that Gaiman did a great job in personifying how a cat would be so aloof and nonchalant if it really could talk.

#5 & 6 Shay

The Uglies Series / Scott Westerfeld 

Katie:  I am a big fan of this series and if you have read it too, you know that Tally and Shay's relationship is always changing. They were great friends in book one... semi enemies in book 2, and in book 3 and 4 Shay really developed into Tally's sidekick / right hand woman. I haven't read Shay's Story--> 
but I really need to. I would like to know how she felt about different things that happened throughout the series. 

Krisha: I think through most of the series I would almost classify Shay as a frenemy.  But I sympathize with her because Tally wasn't always the best of friends.  The girls really get their acts together through the series and learn to work as a team when needed.  I, too, need to read Shay's Story but it's a graphic novel and I don't typically pick those up.

# 7 Annabeth & Grover

Percy Jackson and the Olympians / Rick Riordan

Katie: This series, and the Lost Hero Series is jam packed with great best friends / sidekicks... Annabeth and Grover are two glowing examples of great friends! Just in book 1 of this series, Annabeth and Grover travel with Percy to the Underworld to steal back the lighting rod, rescue his mother, and restore peace in Olympus!  I love this series, and the Lost Hero Series! Yes, its Middle grades, but its just one of those MUST READ series! 

# 8 Dustfinger

Inkheart Trilogy / Cornelia Funke

Krisha: Dustfinger is a firedancer that has been read into our world.  He has a strong side story in this series (which I HIGHLY recommend reading).  It takes a while to realize that his tough exterior is masking something completely different.
<--- And look at him from the movie.  Having a pet ferret makes him a cool sidekick in my book.

# 9 Xander

Matched Series / Ally Condie

Katie: ** slight spoilers ** While Cassia may have been matched up with Xander in the beginning, I don't think I'm giving much away when I say, that she chooses someone other than her match in book 1 (hence the plot). While this would shatter most men, Xander is a trooper until the very end. He swore he was her best friend from the beginning and the proved his point. Xander was there for Cassia until the very end as her best friend, not expecting anything more. Keep in mind for those of you who have not read it, I am not stating who Cassia picks in the end. Merely that Xander is her friend until the end :)  What a trooper! 

# 10 Chuck

The Maze Runner / James Dashner

Krisha:  Oh, Chuck.  The quintessential sidekick.  And "Chuck" is such a sidekicky name.  (Maybe I'm just imagining Chunk from Goonies when I think of him).  He was eager to befriend Thomas and help him acclimate to the Glade.  Always alert and helpful, he truly shows what a best friend is.

Hope you liked our take on the topic this week.

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  1. Oh, I love this topic! Iko is fabulous haha, and I adore Annabeth and Grover as well. Some of my favorite characters :)

    1. Thanks Judith! we are huge Percy fans! such great characters! thanks for stopping by! - katie

  2. Great list. I would be so sad if Cinder can't fix IKO in Scarlet.
    Old follower
    my TTT

    1. im sure she will.. we definitely need to see more Iko in Scarlet! can't wait to read it! thanks for stopping by ! - Katie

  3. I love this list, it's awesome.
    Rue! Yes, she's awesome. I cried when she died in the movie. So sad.

    J'adore Happy Endings

    1. me too i balled! rue rocks! thanks for checking out our list! - Katie

  4. I agree with your choices!! Though I do feel Chuck was underrated in the book.

  5. Dustfinger! Yes...I con't believe I forgot him. :D

    1. yes he is a great character, and i looove that actor that play him in the movie! great match up! - katie

  6. Oh I love Rue! I like this twist on today's topic :)

    1. Thanks, Rue is awesome, glad you like the mix up.. gotta keep it fresh! ;) - Katie

  7. Great topic! I can think of so many sidekicks now, really like this idea. Love Rue and I'm interested in seeing how different Tara is in the True Blood books than she is in the tv series!

    Becca @ Lost in Thought

    1. woah tara is night and day different.. and not really as core of a character as she is in the tv show. thanks for checking out our list! - Katie

  8. Ah. Rue is an incredible character - and then I definitely agree about the Cassia/Xander situation in the Matched book!

    Great list,
    My Top Ten

    1. Right! wow xander is a trooper! Zero guys would be as patient and understanding as he is ! thanks for stopping by ! - Katie

  9. Rue was such an incredible character. I remember crying my eyes out! I definitely agree she HAS to be on this list!

    Here's My TTT

    1. i know! even this picture of her and katniss made me sad! what a great buddy! thanks for stopping by! = Katie

  10. oh always happy to see fans of the Uglies! I loved that series and Katie rocks!!

    1. Yay! huge Uglies fans up in here! Didn't want it to end! Thanks for stopping by Giselle ! and you ROCK! ;) - Katie

  11. Another BFF's pick that I read today! Nice picks. I have only read Coraline and the cat is a nice sidekick/friend!

    Here's my TTT Post @ I Heart Romance

  12. Ah Coraline! great pick! love that book, and krisha was super clever to come up with the cat! He was a good friend for sure! thanks for stopping by! - Katie

  13. Rue so deserves to be on this list and I was surprised to see the Cat here, but it totally fits =D Also, Xander is a great best friend.

    Here's my Top Ten Tuesday post!

    Sana @ artsy musings of a bibliophile

  14. LOVE YOUR LIST! I agree with all of them, they are all so great and awesome, expecially IKO ^.^

    Btw, Iko is a she, not a he :)