Monday, February 11, 2013

Happy Birthday Lena Duchannes

So I am currently reading Beautiful Creatures by Kami Garcia & Margaret Stohl

When I got home today I sat down poured me a glass of wine and got to reading.  If you don't know about the book, or the layout of the chapters , Beautiful creatures is about a girl ... well its really about a boy , but for the sake of my story lets say its about a girl who is a "Castor"  ( like a witch ) and on her 16th birthday she either turns dark, or light. This whole book is a count down to her birthday. 

At the beginning of each chapter it has the date (in the story ) above the title, since we are counting down to Lena's impending doom. 

Here is the exciting part!

As I was reading today I started a new chapter ... and I had a major erie moment when I found out the date in the book was Feb 11th , and for those of you not yet aware today is also Feb 11th!  DUN DUN DUN and its also Lena's Birthday in the book!

Let the battle between light and dark commense !  

Anyways, I just HAD TO SHARE that with you. I felt like this was one of those comets that only pass the earth every ga-jillion years. When else will I pick up a book and me and the characters be living in the same day ?!?!

Has this ever happened to you ?


  1. Can't say it has, but that's a pretty odd coincidence...

    1. lol.. i kinda blew my mind! had to do a double / tripple take ! - Katie

  2. Wow! That's cool! I'm just about to start the audio of Beautiful Creatures! I started the book a long time ago and couldn't get into it. How are you liking it so far?

  3. I know. its was cray Ashley! I like Beautiful creatures. working on typing up my review now.. i can see where some people had issues with some of the characters but i liked it, its a a refreshing new plot! Im definitely looking forward to seeing what happens in book 2 - Katie