Sunday, March 1, 2015

REVIEW: Fairest ( Lunar Chronicles 3.5 )

Fairest ( Lunar Chronicles #3.5)

Marissa Meyer 

Publication date: Jan 27. 2015

Source: Bought Kindle Version

222 Pages

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In this stunning bridge book between Cress and Winter in the bestselling Lunar Chronicles, Queen Levana’s story is finally told.

Mirror, mirror on the wall,
Who is the fairest of them all?

Fans of the Lunar Chronicles know Queen Levana as a ruler who uses her “glamour” to gain power. But long before she crossed paths with Cinder, Scarlet, and Cress, Levana lived a very different story – a story that has never been told . . . until now.

Marissa Meyer spins yet another unforgettable tale about love and war, deceit and death. This extraordinary book includes full-color art and an excerpt from Winter, the next book in the Lunar Chronicles series.

                    My Thoughts                   

What makes a bad girl so Bad ?

 I loved Fairest ! I know there are always mixed reviews from readers and I think you either love or hate these extra books in A series, but me,  I LOVE THEM !  Pretty much Marissa Meyer can do no wrong , please keep writing!  Like many of the other companion books in the Lunar Chronicles, Fairest tells us about the past of the most allusive character so far, Queen Levana. 

Monday, February 9, 2015

REVIEW: The Crawling Darkness ( Ghost Trappers #3 )

The Crawling Darkness  Ghost Trappers #3        

J.L. Bryan 

Publication date: January 20th 2015

Source: Digital Version given by author for honest review.

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Paranormal investigator Ellie Jordan faces a new case in an apartment building where a twisted, dangerous entity emerges from closets and doorways to terrorize the residents at night. A powerful spirit, it feeds on fear and takes the shape of its victims' worst nightmares.

Ellie and her mentor Calvin have tried to capture the same entity before, in a different house nearby, an attempt that ended in disaster. Now, with the help of her apprentice Stacey, Ellie must try again to capture the elusive shapeshifting ghost before it can claim another soul as its own.

                    My Thoughts                   

Hands down the creepiest Ellie Jordan yet!

Wow, I thought the Ellie Jordan novels were great before, but J.L. Bryan turned up the scary to a whole new level in the third novel in the Ghost Trapper series, Crawling Darkness!  Ellie and Stacey are called to investigate an entity who is appearing as it's victims worst fears and crawling around the walls. The house where this haunting takes place has been made into multi residential apartment complex, so Ellie Stacey and Jacob have to get the help and support of all of the neighbors in the complex to rid this truly evil spirit!

First off... soooo scary!!! I really had a hard time reading this at night, and it wouldn't have been possible if I had a closet in my bedroom. After reading crawling darkness I couldn't be more grateful that my closet is in my bathroom. Whew! One of the things I liked best about this book was that the entity appeared differently to everyone in the house, I loved hearing each persons individual scary stories about what they saw: Flesh face, space aliens, bloody Mary, it scared me so bad but I loved it. Especially that bloody Mary part, come on you know you have said her name in the bathroom with the lights off. I know I have !

Jacob took a little bit of a backseat in this one but I did love the new introduction of the smoking hot firefighter  ( see what i did there ) A fire fighter is pretty perfect for Ellie and her past.  This series is getting better and better! Can't wait to read book 4 in the Ghost Trapper series, Terminal.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

REVIEW: Next to You (Where Life Takes You #2 )

Next to You

Claudia Y. Burgoa 

Publication date: July 1st 2014

Source: Paperback given by author for honest review.

240 Pages

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…I need time. Time to heal those wings and learn to use them…

Was part of the letter Rebecca Trent, Daniel Brightmore’s fiancĂ©e and best friend left when she ran away. The person he trusted the most for the past decade disappeared without giving him a second glance. She taught him how to love, believe in family and that everyone deserves a happily ever after. Now he’s struggling between wiping any traces of her from his life and drowning his sorrows away with the help of his new best friends—Don Julio and Jack Daniels.


Rebecca’s past suffocated her to the point of not wanting to continue, her lifeline and the only reason to live began to withdraw from her. She wished it had been her imagination, but heard it loud and clear: “If not, there’s always a divorce, nothing is forever.” This time it became a leave or die situation. Something has got to change—she had to change. Packing light and leaving a letter behind, she takes a journey that can help her find herself through the shards of her painful childhood.

As letters, memories and stories are exchanged, two once inseparable people reconcile what’s left of their relationship. Beyond the confines of everything they built together, they’re left with two lonely people searching for what it means to be whole. Will they find meaning under their bruised psyches or will their pasts get the better of them?

                    My Thoughts                   

Is is possible that I loved Next to You even more than I loved Where Life Takes You... the answer is YES!!!

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Top Ten 2014 Debuts I wanted to read but didn't get to

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                             Top Ten 2014 Debuts I wanted to read but didn't get to.           

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REVIEW: Cold Shadows by J.L. Bryan

Cold Shadows ( Ghost Trappers #2 ) by J.L. Bryan 

Publication date: Nov 28th 2014

Source: Digital Version given by author for honest review.

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Footsteps in the attic. Toys that play by themselves. A dark presence in an upstairs room.

Paranormal investigator Ellie Jordan faces a difficult new case. Her new clients are a family haunted by multiple ghosts and a poltergeist that wrecks their home at night. Their seven-year-old son’s invisible friends may not be imaginary at all, but the restless spirits of dead children.

To clear her clients’ house of the dangerous entities, Ellie must unravel the mysterious deaths of another family who lived in the old mansion more than a hundred and sixty years ago—and she must do it before the ghosts can carry out their malevolent designs on her clients and their children.

                    My Thoughts                   

The Gang is back and better than ever! 

This series is great! It has a lot of room to grow and explore even more old and erie places and haunted houses. Cold Shadows, Part two in the Ellie Jordan Series, is even easier to read than the first novel, Ghost Trapper. Now that the main characters are established it was very easy to jump right in with Ellie and Stacey to solve this new case. Even though this is still a haunting mystery, it is so different from the previous case, and I have no doubt that every book in this series will be unique and different and definitely not predictable.

I was very glad that Jacob was still in the picture, and I do hope that he makes even more of an appearance in the up and coming novels.. perhaps, and this is just me, but I feel like there could possibly be something between Jacob and Ellie...

Putting my personal love triangle aside, This is a great new series and Cold Shadows does not dissapoint. As always, I am a huge J.L. Bryan fan and his books always make my automatic read list !

Plot : Great, each book is a different haunting to deal with. love the layout of this series. Excited to read more in the series. 

Characters: Love! J.L. Bryan easily sucks me into a series by making me love all the characters! Ellie, Stacey and Jacob make a great ghost busting team! Loved the introduction of Juniper & Crane

Cover: Like it a lot. Fits exactly with a scene in the book when she is out by the lake. I will however have to quote my husbands view on her outfit again ... " Her outfit is better for ghost trapping this time". 

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Rating: 4

                    Author Bio                    

J.L. Bryan studied English literature at the University of Georgia and at Oxford, with a focus on the English Renaissance and the Romantic period. He also studied screenwriting at UCLA. He enjoys remixing elements of paranormal, supernatural, fantasy, horror and science fiction into new kinds of stories.
He is the author of The Paranormals series (starting with Jenny Pox), The Songs of Magic series, Nomad, and other books. He lives in Atlanta with his wife Christina, his son John, and some dogs and cats.

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